Margo Karp Europe (ex UK&IE) and North America

Prior to founding TreasuryView™, Margo was Partner in a prominent consulting company and provided advisory to numerous companies, banks and investment houses in Europe, North America, Russia and Asia. Margo began his career in the risk management department of a large Scandinavian bank and has many years of experience in risk management and derivatives.

Neil Mathieson UK & Ireland

Neil began his career at RBS where he was responsible for funding, hedging and liquidity solutions in the UK SME market. Neil then moved to ABN AMRO where he was responsible for capital market, hedging and advisory engagements with UK multinational clients. Prior to joining TreasuryView™ Neil ran his own financial and risk advisory business in Europe.

Lauri Karp CEO

Prior to founding TreasuryView™, Lauri worked for a DAX listed company, a leading global bank and as Partner in a prominent consulting company. During his career Lauri has gained experience in a broad range of financial products and advised numerous companies, governments and banks in Europe, North America, Russia and Asia.


TreasuryView™ has been conceived and developed by KFPD GmbH.

Launched in 2008, TreasuryView™ has grown through the greatest financial crisis of our times thanks to its ability to deliver risk intelligence, bottom line benefits and deeper client relationships. Today TreasuryView™ is used by Tier 1 Investment banks, commercial banks and advisors across Europe.

As an innovative, client led company we continue to develop TreasuryView™ to support our clients in ever changing markets and have a pipeline on new functionality and products planned.

KFPD has also developed sals.a®, a financial risk management system for corporate and public sector Treasurers. sals.a® provides portfolio valuations, risk analytics and customized reporting and delivers benefits such as optimized funding and hedging, lower loses and volatility from (un)hedged positions and improved stakeholder relations.

KFPD is staffed by risk management, capital market and technology professionals with extensive experience of working with financial institutions, advisors and treasurers across the globe. To learn more about our company or ambitious plans please contact us.


To learn more about KFPD please contact us at the relevant address.

Europe (ex UK&IE) and North America

11160 Seaton Road,
Richmond, B.C, V7A 3G2

Mr Margo Karp
Telephone: +1 604 284 5090

UK & Ireland

Conference House
152 Morrison Street
Edinburgh EH3 8EB
United Kingdom 

Mr Neil Mathieson
Telephone: +44 (0)77222 62299

Group HQ

- TechQuartier -
Platz der Einheit 2
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Mr Lauri Karp
Telephone: +49 69 96 86 9003